It's been said that if you want to know what matters most to a man, set fire to his house and see what he grabs. What would it be if you were this man? Now, while we do not support or promote arson, nor do we wish you a fire-outbreak, you must admit that it would make sense if the only thing you tried to flee with were your family photos, and we can hear your thoughts grow louder: “what about all the expensive stuff I have here?" (Are you looking around now?) Consider this: you can buy a new set of furniture, a new box of jewels, a new shelf of your favorite books, and a new wardrobe of limited-edition clothing, but you can never be in the same spot with the same person twice. This is why photographs are so important.

“What century are you from?" “How come you've never heard of cloud backups?" … Yes, there is such a thing, but let's be honest, how many of you have your contacts backed up on Google? That's right, I assumed as much, which is why you've had to ask for their contact information six times. Why do you consider an alternative? – the Metal Prints. With or fire resistant metal prints, you can leave the pictures in the house and come for it after, you’ll meet it intact. It even gets better, it’s scratch proof as well, this means that you don’t even have to worry if you have kids running around the house, it does not wash off and its life span is estimated to be about 150 years! If you want to preserve important parts of your memory a Metal print is a no brainer. Can you already imagine it sitting in your living with a collage of pictures showing your family tree?

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