“Mmmmm…", “Wow", “Now Come on…", “Awesome"…what do you usually say when words fail to adequately express your gratitude for a nice selfie on your iPhone? It’s that one time when you’re certain you don’t need a filter and, though you’re not sure why, you want everyone else to see it. That’s why you post it on your Instagram story, Facebook wall, and Whatsapp status and track how many people like it. When you want to take things a step further, you hire a photographer and hope that he can get the right angles and edit the image well enough for you to post it online for likes and comments. Consider what your photograph, or an image of your trademark artwork, would look like hung on your wall if you could get these wonderful comments and showers of admiration in real-time.

When you come to Daffodils Image, we provide such a clear result (Canva, Metal Prints) in any size and with any specifications you desire. We create magnificent displays that will have your guests saying things like “Mmmmm…", “Wow", “Now Come on…", “Awesome" and, even better, we provide them to you at COMPETITIVE PRICES that our competitors can’t match. So consider D-A-F-F-O-D-I-L-S the next time you think portrait, selfie, or family photos!

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