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There were wonderful honey stores in banana village, but few people knew about them because it was so far out in the country with so little traffic. Because they were not computer adept, selling online was out of the question. The traders battled it out for the few city buyers who came once a week to purchase them. The battle between “abc" and “xyz" stores was at its peak, and it had devolved into decades of rivalry.

However there was a sudden change. People would go down to the hamlet particularly to inquire for “abc" honey, which spooked “xyz" off and they yelled “foul play." When the situation was brought to the village chief’s attention, he interrogated “abc" to learn what black magic they had been doing to gain an advantage and if the village would pay the price. The only information they got was that one of the owners’ children had produced shirts with the business name and logo and had persuaded the shop owners to give them to the delivery guy, who was, by all accounts, in desperate need of a new shirt.

That’s it… the million-dollar key to unlocking an automotive advertisement… offer them a T-Shirt. If you’re going to gift them a shirt anyhow, let them wear it and help promote your company! That’s how football jerseys from major European clubs function. We print on anything at Daffodils, and our objective is to make sure that if you’re marketing your company or movement with cloth branding, you get the finest! Take a look at our sample templates.

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