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Sob music: Heart beats felt… colours and promises…

You know how it feels when it’s your final day as  teammates with individuals with whom you’ve formed such a strong relationship, whether it’s your last day in high school, college, or at a job where you’ve worked for a while. There’s the excitement of the moment, the energy in the send forts, the anticipation of what a different life will bring, and the heartfelt pledges to remain in contact, yet silently in your heart, as the activity winds down, there’s a faint melancholy, a small suggestion that you’ll miss them, and you’re right.

Yes, you may intend to remain in contact, but you know you’re going to disappear from your Whatsapp group and reunions? Oh, for what it’s worth and for those that turn up, they’d be fantastic. But even then, Bolu, the guy who used to have so much free time that he’d attempt to snach your piece of meat, would be taking business calls on the table, and Sayo, your crush, would show up with her husband, and the photographs simply don’t feel the same with 12 kids in them.

Now hold on, don’t get all too caught up in this; there is a way out—savor the moments. Yes, you should not say goodbye to any host of loved ones before exchanging photo-books containing pictures of priceless memories spent with them. Daffodils will make it even easier to share them by providing the most cost-effective, long-lasting, and high-quality prints available.

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