The origins of coffee consumption in the United States are mostly unknown. Some speculate that it was triggered by a disease epidemic on tea plants, which resulted in acute tea shortages and promoted coffee as a substitute. Others argue that it was because of its accessibility and participation in the US civil war. While some believe coffee rose to prominence as a consequence of opposition to the British and their tea culture.

Whatever the case may be, today’s coffee culture is nearly incurable, and owing to the times, we seem to be in constant need of an adrenaline boost. Whether it’s because of the hectic nature of your job, which requires you to be more efficient in less time, or because your professor has asked you to solve half of the world’s problems theoretically without sacrificing your humanity, the result is the same: you end up becoming very close friends with your coffee mug.

We understand that plain colored coffee mugs on your work desk might feel out of place, and we’re not asking you to forego your daily doses of adrenaline. Instead, we recommend personalizing and/or printing your photos on them to turn them into works of art. You can also limit how much coffee you consume at a time by ordering different mug sizes. That’s how it’s done!

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